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Wedding Caricatures
These are examples of how these are created from a picture to a caricature and so much more!
This is my niece and her husband.  I used Kelly's flowers as the border.  It was an anniversary present for her husband, Dan!
This is my sister, Yo', & her husband Ray...Kelly's parents. I used the bridesmaid's flowers as their border...that's actually me holding them!!  The flowers are feathers...what a challenge to draw!  It was their 30th anniversary gift from me...better late then never! 
Another sibling, Renée (have i mentioned there are 8 of us) & her husband...another late wedding gift (30 years!)...but well worth it!  Jeff is a volunteer fireman and he always wore red tennis, for their bridal dance we all wore them...mine were size 12 borrowed from our cousin Skip!
This is Renée and Jeff's son, JJ, and his wife...I used Cara's flowers as the border...she wore a cloche instead of a veil...her gown was all lace.  I wanted you to see the details.  These two punkin' pies are in the birth announcement section, as well, and they are expecting their 1st child.  I'll be doing one for him or her very soon!
This lovely young couple is from Louisiana; I had to view their wedding pictures online.  Let me tell you her dress was a challenge like no other!  I was stumped on how I could show the layers of leaf-shaped chiffon!!  Her sashed waistband wasn't nearly as hard...I was quite pleased with the results...and thank goodness so were they!  Their invitation runs with the ribbon.  I don't usually do eyes...they're too hard!  Hers were a gorgeous sapphire blue and I just couldn't help myself!!
All characters are ©2011 Story
This is my former sister-in-law,  Cindy, & her husband...I was asked to do her invitation & was thrilled to do so!  Hippies for life!  Notice George's shirt...I couldn't resist & it is the first thing that came to my mind.  It probably took me 10 minutes to do her design!!  You can see their entire invitation...under "Invitations".  The close-up of their border is an example of my standard border.  It is to show you that you can order both...invitations and a wedding caricature.