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Price Lists
AppleCheeks is growing daily with input from you!  All drawings are hand-drawn, inked and colored using Prismacolor pencils.  Birth announcements and wedding caricatures are 18x24.  Graduates and others are 9x24.

I hope you like what you see!
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    I would say these would have to be on an individual basis. Depending on what is needed, but probably no less than what is quoted here, and it would be negotiable.


These prices are meant to be used as a guide for you in what you will be ordering.  For example, if yours is for a little boy or girl and you have 8 things you want in your drawing, then you would use Cara as your price point because she has 7 to 9 objects.  Since each one is done by hand and no two are alike this is the best I can do for listing prices.  I hope it helps!