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Price Lists
AppleCheeks is growing daily with input from you!  All drawings are hand-drawn, inked and colored using Prismacolor pencils.  Birth announcements and wedding caricatures are 18x24.  Graduates and others are 9x24.

I hope you like what you see!
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    Wedding Caricatures
  • border w/ invitation

    This is an example of the border w/ their invitation. It's an additional charge.

  • bride's or bridesmaid's flowers

    This is an example of bride's flowers as a border...the price is the same for bridesmaid's.

  • distinctive dress

    This is not the norm, but oh so special. For a dress with this much detail...believe it or not each leaf was put on individually!

  • simple border

    This is an example of what a simple border is w/out the invitation running w/ the ribbon.

  • special order border

    This is an example of a special border.


These prices are meant to be used as a guide for you in what you will be ordering.  For example, if yours is for a little boy or girl and you have 8 things you want in your drawing, then you would use Cara as your price point because she has 7 to 9 objects.  Since each one is done by hand and no two are alike this is the best I can do for listing prices.  I hope it helps!