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Individual Gallery
Here are some examples of my individual AppleCheeks...these are my make-believes (we, grown-ups, call careers).  I have done many more that people have asked for at tae kwon do, irish dancer, farmer, etc.  Unfortunately, I have pencil drawings of them, but no photos to show...but I promise to from now on!

These can be personalized with a child's name.  There are many options we can discuss!

I hope you like what you see!
All characters are ©2011 Story
These are my sports AppleCheeks...I did a show in Moon (Pittsburgh, PA) that's why they are all done with their colors & logo.  They can be done in any team's colors, any team's logo or any team's name.  These are all special order!  So, you can mix & match...for example, you can use any hair style or color, make them a lefty or righty...just use the proper order form.  Check the simple Store for pricing.  Hope you like what you see!
These are my band member AppleCheeks.  I did them for another show and Canon MacMillian was the nearest H.S., so I created these using their uniforms.  These are special order, as well.  They can be done in any colors, or logo, etc.  Please use the proper order form and visit the Simple Store for pricing! 
These are my AppleCheeks!  They come basically as you see them, but I have them as blondes, brunettes and redheads.  I have them as children of color...see all 3 groups for examples.  Some are a little different in my color choices because of hair color.  These are reproductions so they are relatively inexpensive, but I can do them as special orders with any hair style or hair color.  They all come with your child's name/nickname.  They all come with an 11x14 matboard, too!  Please visit the Simple Store for pricing.