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This is a small sampling of my invitations...unfortunately, I wasn't smart enough to look into the future to know that I should have taken pictures of what I have created over the years...good news is I'm smart enough now!  There will be updates coming soon.  I can do all kinds of invites...parties, graduations, birth announcements...whatever your needs might be.
This was my very 1st invitation.  It was to a soirée celebrating our marriage.  Yes, he is really tall (6'6") and his mustache is still that gorgeous and okay maybe my boobs aren't quite that buxum, but I was the artist after all!! and I wrote the "ditty"!

The invitation survived longer than the marriage!
This was done for my son, Michael...their invitation tells their story...their 1st date was an Eagles concert, they met playing softball, she loves Captain Morgan & him Molson's, he's a CPA, she a nurse, they love the "Keys", scuba diving (maybe it's snorkeling), and the Windjammer is one of their favorite restaurants!
Their "thank you" cards!
The left hand side of their invite is part of a "ditty" I wrote for them!
This is of my former sister-in-law's wedding invitation...she & he are still "hippies" at heart & when she asked me to do it...this is exactly what came to mind!  Another original "ditty" of mine!!
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