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Graduates & Others
These are my latest creations...I love them!  You can do them for your children, as I have here.  These are their accomplishments through the years.  I've done whole families using my individual AppleCheeks with each one's name under them...they make great gifts for children, parents, grandparents, nieces and nephews...children of all ages!  There is no order form for this option per se, but you can use the individual one for all your characters!  For pricing, visit the Simple Store.
This is my precious princess, again...she lettered in softball & basketball, she was on the Homecoming court, she was "Best Hair" in high school, and she donated her beautiful hair to "Locks of Love" 3 times!  She loves the beach, she graduated from Robert Morris University, she has a "big girl" job, now...and she will have lots of money...someday!!
This is my baby boy, again...I took some liberties here and embellished his high school achievements...he's much shier than his sister!  He did play basketball & baseball; he lettered in both!  He really wasn't the Prom King or Class Clown, but he does love golf.  He did go to Pitt...he just hasn't graduated...yet!  Since Pitt is known for their School of Dentistry, I made him a dentist!! 
This is yet another sister's step-daughter's.  It was my graduation gift to her.  I met her on a cruise and that's the outfit she was wearing; she was a blonde at the time.  The next frame has her "favorite" things.  Her senior thesis had to do with song birds.  She graduated from the University of North Florida.  She works in a lab for the JEA in Jacksonville.  She's now a redhead!
All characters are ©2011 Story
These are examples of what you can envision as your child's or are only limited by your imagination, but together we can create wonderful inspirations!!  Please take the time to scroll down & see for yourself!!  Sports, make-believe, my little ladies and richman, poorman, etc.  Again, with or without your child's name...I hope you like what you see!
All characters are ©2011 Story