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 Birth Announcement Keepsakes
Here are some examples of my work.  These are of my children, their children, nieces & nephews, great nieces & great nephews, as well as friends...each tells a unique and wonderful story that pertains to the individual child, his/her parents and even grandparents!  Making each one truly a  beautiful keepsake. 

 Please click on one to see them larger.  Hopefully they will help to inspire you!
This is my baby boy's...He's played baseball since t-ball and was a pitcher (he's in his H.S. uniform), he loves golf, we live in the 'Burgh so he's a huge Steeler, Pirate & Penguin's fan!  He played basketball in school, too.  He loved the WWF when he was little!!  He wants to be a carpenter. Oh! I almost forgot, Chloe, our cat.
The method to my madness and my inspiration...
This is my precious princess'...she loves to get dressed up, softball was her 1st love, she played basketball for me, before she could really read she took out books from the library (Babysitter's Club), her team won WPIAL her freshman year, she made Homecoming court, graduated from Robert Morris, she's dreamed of being a bride for forever!  I have always told her "a girl can never have too many baubles"!!  Almost forgot Chloe, again!
All characters are ©2011 Story